Hello! My name is Ben Lorber and I’m an organizer and writer. Today I organize in the movement for justice and peace in Israel/Palestine. I’ve also been active around racial and economic justice struggles, migrants’ rights and worker organizing movements in Chicago and elsewhere. Just another anti-Zionist Jew who wants to smash fascism and raise the sparks!

In my day job I work as Campus Coordinator with Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that fights for justice in Palestine, though of course, the views expressed here are my own. I also make weird folksy music as Narrow Bridge- check out my Bandcamp! I live with my lovely partner and two cuddly cats in Chicago, Illinois.

I started this blog shortly after the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, because I felt that, as the country and world slips again into fascism, it’s important for radicals to document our perceptions of the startling events unfolding around us. I also wanted a place to put my political diatribes, philosophical musings, spiritual ponderings, and more. I’ve included in this blog various Israel/Palestine articles I wrote throughout 2015, as well as my earlier work as a journalist from 2011-2013.

I really hope you enjoy my thoughts on this strange and beautiful world of ours 🙂


(my grandma made this)

"Wherever we [all] live, that is our homeland."
“Wherever we [all] live, that is our homeland.”
(Jewish Labor Bund anti-Zionist poster, circa 1918)